February 24, 2008

i just came back from a writer’s conference and am commited to writing everyday. it doesn’t have to be good or bad….just WRITE EVERYDAY! that is what we were told. 🙂 tomorrow i’ll write again. -ciao


…in the moment…

November 7, 2007

this page is all about being “in the moment”. i know…i know…that’s soooo philosophical, but as i get older and get through more of life’s lessons, i realize that the past is a very expensive school, the future has yet to manifest, but the ‘now’, the ‘present’ is where i am all the time no matter where i’m at, who i’m with, what i’m going through or what is happening. and after this moment is gone, it becomes part of the archive of my life, and if i glimpse ahead to tomorrow, then i am facing hope for the future and what it has for me….

…so this is blogging…

November 7, 2007

okay…after a year and some months, i am in a mental position to actually blog and learn the ins and outs of this unchartered, but fascinating venue. what do i say? did i say too much? too little? was i clever? will anyone even read this? what is my purpose in having and putting time into a blog anyway? that is truly the question. well…..i would say that the purpose is for this blog to be my ‘home base’ of sorts. i mean, i can categorize every facet of my life. from life questions, to hobbies, to family and friends and so much more. this is where this raw gem rough, cuts the facets of her life for all those in her life to see and comment on. a little vulnerable…you betcha…but only to the degree that i allow it. so let’s start with this and go on from here and see what the final result ends up looking like….